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Q: Do I need to add the adcode plus the link credit you give?
a: YES. FansiteHost is 100%free, and the ADCODE + the two linking credits help us pay for all the hosting and domains bills.

Q: Do I have Cpanel, PHP, WordPress, Forums and FTP?
a: Yes. We give you everything. Simply login on your CPANEL (the same logins of your fansitehost account, and you get all the software you need within a single click!

Q: Does my site gets backups?
A: ABSOLUTELY! Fansitehost gives you daily backups, which you have to do nothing. We automatically backup all sites at midnight GMT Time. Every single night! Even on holidays!

Q: I was hosted for long time. There was not unlimited pack. Can i get it?
A: YES! We are upgrading all sites to unlimited disk space. Because all the hostess matter to us.

Q: I have a domain name. Whats the nameservers I should use?
A: To host your own domain you should set: and as your primary nameservers.

Q: Can I have video sites?DO you support phpmotion? Do you have FFMPEG?

Q: Do You help me transfering my site from my old host?
A: YEs, just request it via email. We take care of it within hours.

Q: I registered, but what is my FTP LOGIN?
A: All FTP, CPANEL logins are the sames you used when you registered your account.

Q: I lost my password. How can i recover?
A: Go to and select “reset password”.

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